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Use LED to save 40 to 75 % on your electrical bills.

3B Led Lighting is one of the companeies who importing best quality Lighting product.

We have wide selection of all kind s of LED bulbs

There are several types of lights on the market today. One of these types is the LED light. LED stands for "light-emitting diode." It is a semiconductor diode that emits a single wavelength of light when charged with an electric current. LEDs have many practical applications, and the technology is expanding to include organic light emitting diodes (OLEDs), which have significant potential for use in space lightin

Typical Uses for LED Lighting

LEDs are commonly used in a wide array of electronic devices such as digital clocks, computer displays, optical mice and laser printers. They are also used in traffic lights and flashlights. LEDs are being used more frequently in homes for landscape lighting, reading lamps, night lights and recessed light fixtures. With their increasing popularity, LED lights are now available with bases that fit inside standard lamp fixtures.

Color Flexibility

Most LEDs are made from aluminum, gallium and arsenide to which impurities have been added. The impurities create free electrons to help the semiconductor material conduct electricity. The type of impurity used determines the color of the LED light. These colors can include green, blue, amber or red.


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